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The braking system in a Hyundai is more than just pads and rotors. From advanced systems like ABS and Brake Assist to essential parts like master cylinders, stopping your car is almost as complicated as making it go.

Making sure components are in tip-top condition, then, is crucial to staying safe on the road. If you notice signs of wear like pulsations or sounds, consider scheduling an inspection. With the Hyundai Assurance plan, multi-point inspections are free and standard on every new Hyundai.

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When should I replace my brakes? 

Brake pads, brake rotors, and brake fluids are all subject to a strict maintenance service schedule to ensure maximum performance. The pads and rotors on a 2018 Elantra, for example, need inspection every 7,500 miles, while its brake fluid requires checking up on every 15,000 miles. Our Hyundai Certified Technicians will let you know if anything needs to be replaced.

This is assuming the car is driven 1,000 miles a month under "normal" conditions. The amount of wear and tear your brakes go through is dependent on how hard and how much you drive.

If you can't make these brake inspections, your brakes have their own way of letting you know it's time. If you feel pulsations or grinding or hear squeaking or squealing under braking, get them in front of a Hyundai Certified Technician.

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How much do new brake pads cost?

It depends on the shop you consult. But you should never skimp on your braking system! Always take your Hyundai to a Certified Technician for the highest quality brake services. They'll give your car an honest brake inspection and will only change your brake pads if necessary.

Their brake jobs might not be the cheapest, but you can rest easy knowing they will be the best. Keeping records of these certified services will also help make your case for when you need to resell your car.

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Your Hyundai vehicle was built using sophisticated technology and the latest innovations. So, it just makes sense to be sure that its service is done by skilled technicians whose training is continuously updated by Hyundai.

How can I care for my vehicle's braking system?

The best way to care for your braking system is to simply keep up with the maintenance service schedule. Periodically replacing the brake fluid, for example, will also extend the life of the other internal braking components.

For all the times in between, here are some tips to maintain the health of your brakes

  • Driving at lower speeds (prevents the need for hard braking)
  • Lifting and coasting to stops
  • On downhill journeys, using engine braking (putting the car in lower gears to maintain speed)

Of course, there will be times and emergencies when hard or sudden braking will be necessary. But driving smoother will definitely keep you out of the service bay for longer.

You'll also prolong tire life and get better gas mileage. Not a bad deal, right?

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