Beaverton Hyundai Oil Changes & Fluid Exchanges

If your check engine light is lit or your dipstick is dark, it might be time for an oil change. Schedule an appointment today and have it done by our Hyundai Certified Technicians. We'll ensure everything from oil grade to amount is to manufacturer recommendations.

Can I get my vehicle's oil changed same-day as scheduled?

Yes - but only if we're free! Our certified technicians are in high demand and can only accommodate same-day service if our schedules allow for it.

It doesn't hurt to ask, though. Schedule an appointment today and try your luck. The earlier, the better.

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How do you know when to change your vehicle oil?

Big question. It depends mostly on two variables: 

  1. What kind of engine your vehicle has in it.
  2. Your driving style.

The first two are the perhaps the most influential on the answer. Say you have a 2018 Elantra SE with the 2.0 Liter engine. Hyundai recommends that you change your oil every 7,500 miles.

However, if you have the 2018 Elantra in Sport Trim, you have the more powerful 1.6 liter turbocharged engine. With that, Hyundai recommends a shorter interval: every 6,000 miles.

This is assuming both are driven with what Hyundai considers a "normal" driving style. If you drive them with a "severe" driving style, the suggested interval goes down to half - 3,750 and 3,000 miles respectively.

Indicators such as dashboard lights and dipstick color can also give you a clue to how close you are to your next oil change.

Another factor: while you can use either conventional oil or synthetic blends in your engine, synthetics almost always last longer. As an added bonus, synthetic blends also contain less impurities, retain their protective properties at higher engine temperatures and work better in both hotter and colder climates.

If you prefer synthetic blends, let us know. Just remember to grab an oil change coupon before scheduling an appointment today.

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The following driving conditions are considered "severe:"

  • For repeated short distances.
  • In dusty or sandy areas, in areas where salt or other corrosive materials are used. 
  • On rough or muddy roads.
  • In mountainous areas.
  • For extended periods of idling or low speed operation.
  • For prolonged periods in cold or extremely humid climates.
  • More than 50% of driving in heavy city traffic in temperatures above 90°F.
  • If using brakes extensively.

Other Maintenance Services Offered

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Transmission Fluid Flush Fuel System Cleaning Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Alignments  Wash & Detail

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