Warranty Cancellation

Please complete the form below to request a cancellation of Extended Service Contract(s), GAP Insurance, and Pre-paid Maintenance Plans. We will process your request as quickly as we are able. The date on the request form will be the actual date of cancellation regardless of how long it takes to get the refund. Refunds may take ninety (90) days to receive. If it has not been 90 days from our receipt, there is no need to contact us. If, however, it is longer than that, you can send an email inquiry and we will respond back to you with the most current information we have.

In addition to the request form, please send proof of lien satisfaction if you want the refund mailed to you. If the loan is not paid off, the refund will be sent to the lien holder without exception. Verification of mileage must also be received to calculate the exact refund. If you have sold or traded the vehicle, you should have an odometer statement to send us a copy of on the vehicle at time of the sale or trade. If you are keeping the vehicle, we can accept a photo copy of the odometer reading. This can be sent by email as an attachment with your request form. Send to cancellations@beavertonauto.com.

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